Online Presence Importance

Online Presence Importance

The power of having a strong online presence

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Why it is important to have an online presence for a business

Any business can make changes and improvements at any time. It does not mean that you are necessarily doing something wrong but in an ever-changing world but the business that stands still can easily be overtaken by other businesses. Having an online presence can make a huge difference to what you do offline. If you create an online edition of your offline business then you can keep your integrity, remain consistent and gain access to new customers that may not be able to find you offline. There are many places that you can have an online presence and the rise of social media means that you can reach millions of potential new customers. Although not every user on Facebook and Twitter will automatically be a fit for your business, you need to have a presence to be able to appeal to those potential customers that are out there.

There are several reasons to have an online presence for your business and here are the main reasons

Being accessible

Your online presence will be able to do business for you when you can’t. Even when you are asleep your website will be able to show your customers what you do and take orders. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, customers buy wherever they are at whatever time of the day. You do not want customers to have to wait for you to get to work and open for business. You might well lose them to a competitor for them to never return. You can stay open for business 24 hours a day, every day of the year when you are online.

Build your brand

Marketing can be a time-consuming and expensive way of promoting your business as you look to advertise what you do. When you do this offline there are always physical or staffing costs that make the return on your investment absolutely crucial. When you use the power of online networks then you can use the power of things such as social media and networking as the resources have no cost to join. Your Facebook and Twitter accounts are free to setup and free to use so your online presence builds your brand at no actual cost. The more places that you have a quality presence online, the more that your brand grows into something more than being just a player in your local market. Great online marketing enhances the perception of your brand and attracts and retains customers.

Reach a larger audience

The presence that you can achieve on the internet by far outweighs anything that you could find in your local offline market. Facebook has over 1.5 billion active users so you can immediately see the potential. You change from a local business that can attract local customers to a global business that can take orders from all over the world. The transformation will open up new markets to you and you can use this to increase sales and profits. It means that you can gain access to while new customers that can help your business to adapt and thrive.

Online Reviews

The world has gone crazy for the online review. Hotels and restaurants thrive or die on the back of the Trip Advisor reviews that they get. Amazon has created a marketplace of trust because their reviews are from real customers that have bought and used the products. You will want genuine positive reviews of your business to gain new customers. By having a presence on the review sites such as Trust Pilot or Yelp then you will be able to gain the trust of people that are browsing and get a chance of winning their business. In this way your existing customers will help you to generate whole new customers. This is the power of online reviews.

Marketing becomes easier

Your quality marketing efforts have more impact and can reach a larger market online. If you advertise in the local newspaper then once it has been read and thrown away the marketing has gone forever. Everything you do online becomes a part of your online footprint. It means that it stays there in the background forever. If someone wants to find a business that does what you do then they will be much more able to find you. It is a much less invasive way of marketing as well. Instead of cold-calling or employing salesmen you can allow your words to wash over people as they browse the internet. Your buyers will be more likely to respond to an explanation than a hard sell.

Your business can really benefit from an online presence for all of the reasons above and more. If you are not there yet then this is something you need to arrange as soon as possible.

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