Why is Keyword Research Important?

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Have you ever looked at your search engine rankings and wondered why you are not getting many clicks? It might be that you are not using the right keywords, and you might need a professional keyword research service. This is a very important step in ranking your website in the SERPs. Without the proper keywords in the correct place in the code of your website, you might as well not even have a website at all. There are many points you need to check when deciding which keywords to use and this is why a good keyword research service is always recommended. Keyword research involves studying the market that your website is targeting, learning the lingo, finding out what words or phrasing are being searched, and knowing what your competition is ranking for.

Keyword Researchsan Diego SEO keyword research Base List

When doing a keyword research the first step is very important, brainstorming with words you already know are being used. What words would you type into a google search to find your website? Write them down! Next, you can ask friends and family what words they would use to find your website. Now that you have a base list, you can use a thesaurus or online tools to find similar words. Now your list is getting bigger. At this stage of a keyword research do not throw out any words because negativity can kill creativity, and you never know which words will be powerful keywords. You will see that you will come up with at least 100 words very quickly. In keyword research, we want to find keywords for any part of the website although you will not be using them all on one page. It is best practice to rank for only one keyword per page so we will distribute these keywords later.

The Big Keyword Research List

Now you have a bunch of words related to your website but what do you do with them? And how do you know what words to use? Hmmmm…. So now at this point in the keyword research, you need to determine what words have a high search volume. But how? You would need to use some online tools like google’s keyword planner. These tools usually require a paid service and are often confusing and that is why it is always left to the professionals. But if you are brave enough to try it on your own you will end up with an organized list of keywords that you have sort by best to worst. These keyword research tools will give you the search volume and tell you how competitive the keywords are.

Keyword Research and Content

Now that you have the keywords listed from best to use to worst to use you can start distributing the keywords on your website. If you have already written all the content you can pick the words to replace with the new keywords. If there is no content yet this is better because you can write everything around the new word list you just made. You will be ranking in no time! Remember, this keyword research process takes time but it is well worth it because it will be part of your organic SEO. Once your content is written you will need to wait for the search engines to index it and you will need to promote it to get traffic. If the all seems too difficult or too time-consuming you can leave it to one of our professionals.

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