Is your business really online?

Is your business really online?

Try a simple google search to find out if your business is really online. Search the name first, are you the first result? Or is someone outranking your brand? If so, it may be worse than you thought. Having your business online does not only mean having a website. To have your business online successfully, that website needs to be optimized with the correct keywords and indexed in all the major search engines. Simply listing your business info on different directories is not enough for your business to really be online. That way customers can find you by knowing the name of your business, but let’s face it, that’s not the name of the game here. You don’t make new customers that way, the whole point is to get new customers, customers that don’t already know about your business, otherwise, it won’t grow.

So How Do I Get My Business Online And Make An Impact?

Once you have completed a proper keyword research, you need to get all your code inline. That is how search engines read your website and figure out what to do with it, or where to place it. Then you need to have your website indexed by the major search engines, google, bing, & yahoo. You can do a quick search online to learn how to do this. It takes time for search engines you crawl your site and index it so your business can be online. So just be patient, and it will eventually be done. While you wait for this step, usually a week or two, you can start adding links to your site, known as backlinks, in blogs and other sites that allow this. These links need to be on websites related to your or google will see them as spam and it will be harder for you business to be online.get your business online today | | San Diego online marketing agency

Social Media Helps Get Your Business Online

Another step you can take to help get your business online is, start making business pages on social media platforms. You can start with the bigger ones first as they will help award your site with reputation if you can get enough followers and enough of your content shared. When you make the business pages in social media you need to be active on them. This means constantly posting information. Whether its text with a lot of quality info or funny pictures related to your business, you just need to be active. This will engage followers and hopefully, they will share and help get your business online in front of more eyes. Once you have a strong enough social media presence, google will credit your site and move it up a little more in rank.

What next?

By the time you have all this done, the search engines should have your site completely indexed and evaluated. This will help the search engines know what keywords you want to rank for and place you in the search results according to how well the other sites are optimized. Now if your social media presence, back links, and directory listings are stronger, then your site will move up a little more. You can also use some online tools to see what keywords your competition is ranking for and what sites are linking back to theirs. This will help of they are succeeding more than you in one of those areas since you need to be doing well with all of them to really have your business online.

So What Did We Learn About Getting Your Business Online?

It takes a lot of work but if you dedicate a little time to doing everything correctly, it can be done, and you will start to see new customers finding your business online. So simply having any other ordinary website is not enough to get noticed online. So take the proper steps required to have a successful online presence for your website and start seeing new customers in now time. If this all seems like a lot of work for you to do, you can always have one of our web design and SEO experts handle the task for you.

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